Gelt Fallenschlosse

A thin and gaunt, older man, dressed in the black of a a funeral couach driver.


Gelt is a tall and thin man with bony fingers. He is slightly pale and has dark hair that is kept back through the use of grease. He is dressed well, in black coat and trousers. He wears a red neckerchief and pinstripe black and grey vest. He carries a pistol a holster near the front of his Sylvanian black coach.

He is a corpse carrier, a man who takes the dead back to their family in order to get a proper burial. He works often under the employ of Manfred Von Carstein.

He is an opportunist, and will stretch the truth and do questionable things in the interest of profit. He has connections and is always willing to share some information at a cost.

Gelt Fallenschlosse

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