Into the Storm of Chaos

The Long Road

the new adventurers face a moral challenge on the road.

As they travelled forward on the road to Tempelhof, they met up with a corpse cart driver. Gelt was his name, and he carried bodies of Stirland Knights, as well as his bodyguards who had been slain by Beastmen. He offered to pay the group to take him as far as Tempelhof, where he could reach the road that went into Sylvania. He needed the protection. He feared the bandits and grave robbers that killed his bodyguards were hot on his heels and that he needed extra protection.

The grave robbers were the least of their troubles. On the way, they were accosted by Beastmen, surviving, but wounded severely in the process.

Later the next day in the evening, they came upon the “bandits”. A Witch Hunter with a Bright Wizard bodyguard, along with a few men at arms, demanded Gelt to be handed over to them. They did not produce identification.

Gelt persuaded the group that they were kidnappers and bandits. A fight ensued, and the truth was only discovered after the men at arms had retreated and the Bright Wizard and Witch Hunter lay dead.



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